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Pari Publishing is an independent publishing house, based in a medieval Italian village. We publish books of thought-provoking ideas that challenge assumptions and serve as a springboard for discussion and action. We specialize in the following categories: Science, Religion, Society, Psychology, Linguistics and the Arts.
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The medieval village of Pari, home of Pari Publishing, is located on the Tuscan hills south of Siena, in Italy.


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Unveiling the Breath

  • Donna Kennedy-Glans talks about her work and the book:

Gentle Action

  • The book Gentle Action inspired Gentle Actions, “an art & ecology happening with an experimental visual framework” Gallery Kunstnerenes Hus in Oslo, Norway from October 23rd to November 14th, 2010. F. David Peat will give the keynote address at the opening. More information
  • Gentle Action has a great review in the April 2009 issue of Resurgence.
  • There is a review of Gentle Action on The Pop!Tech Blog entitled "Gentle Ways of Changing the World"
  • Gentle Action has a website and a blog where new examples are posted regularly

Necessary Chances

  • Watch the book trailer:
  • Necessary Chances has a blog

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