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Adam J. Rock has a BA (Honours) and PhD in Psychology (2005) from Charles Sturt University Sydney (NSW, Australia), and is currently a lecturer in psychology at the University of New England (Armidale, NSW, Australia). He is President of the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc., a Founding International Board Member of the International Transpersonal Association, a Special Topics Editor and Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, an Associate Editor of Anthropology of Consciousness, and a specialist consultant for the Australian Journal of Parapsychology.

He has published dozens of scholarly articles in prestigious academic journals such as the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Transpersonal Psychology Review, and the Journal of Parapsychology.

He is the author of Constructivism and Shamanic Experiences (2010). In addition, he co-authored (with Dr. Lance Storm) Shamanism and Psi (2011) and co-authored (with Professor Stanley Krippner) Demystifying Shamans and Their World (2011).

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