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Synchronicity: The Marriage of Matter and Psyche

In Search of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis and Survival

Edited by Adam Rock, Lance Storm

Categories: Psychology / Parapsychology

Language: English

Pages: 373

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ISBN: 978-88-95604-22-0

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The editors, Dr. Adam J. Rock and Dr. Lance Storm, have put In Search of Psi together because they noted that the vast majority of similar books on the intriguing subject of parapsychology are actually too light-weight and lacked any real depth on the more serious aspects of the paranormal (a.k.a. psi). Rock and Storm decided to assemble a collection of papers by a diverse group of authors, researchers, experimenters, and theorists, culminating in a total of 18 chapters on a wide variety of paranormal subjects under three main themes—extra-sensory perception (mind-to-mind communication), psychokinesis (mind over matter), and life after death.

Topics covered include telepathy (thought transference), precognition (seeing the future), human levitation, multiple dimensions, and the riddle of space-time. There are chapters that thoughtfully delve into the possibility that human personality can survive bodily death. In Search of Psi discusses communication with departed loved-ones—a subject familiar to many people who have seen television programs featuring the famous American psychic John Edward. In Search of Psi even travels far afield to foreign locales, such as New Guinea and remote American-Indian communities in New Mexico, USA, to find out how psi is understood amongst indigenous cultures. In Search of Psi also examines the evidence for psi and takes a look into the future to see what uses psi might have for the generations of tomorrow.

This thoughtful, multi-faceted book covers all these subjects and more, which is why the editors believe it is well-suited to readers of all ages. Specifically, it is mainly written in a straight-forward style for lay-persons, but it will appeal to the scientifically trained and the casual reader alike. Above all, In Search Of Psi is a call to the adventurous and the curious. It is hoped that In Search Of Psi will motivate sceptical readers to entertain the impossible, but readers who don’t need convincing will nevertheless be stimulated and enthralled by the wealth of ideas and concepts in the pages of this far-ranging book.

Table of Contents

Searching for Psi by Dean Radin


Imagery Cultivation and Extra-Sensory Perception
Lance Storm and Adam J. Rock

Telepathy as a Process Mediated by Quantum Teleportation Between Remote Neurons32
Richard Blumenthal

The Possible Role of Psychokinesis in Place Memory
Pamela Rae Heath

Human Levitation
Simon Harvey-Wilson

A Discussion of the Evidence that Personal Consciousness Persists After Death with Special Reference to Poltergeist Phenomena
William Roll

Is Scientific Investigation of Postmortem Survival an Anachronism?The Demise of the Survival Hypothesis
Harvey Irwin

The Demise of the Survival Hypothesis, or the Errors of Harvey Irwin? 
Montague Keen


Scepticism and Credulity
Peter S. Delin

The John Edward Phenomenon—“I Want To Believe”
Sue-Ellen Kjeldal

The Australian Sheep-Goat Scale: Development and Empirical Findings
Michael A. Thalbourne

Pueblo Parapsychology: Psi and the Longbody from the Southwest Indian Perspective
Bryan J. Williams

Reincarnation Beliefs of the Gumini People of the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea
Joan D. Johnstone


Why Parapsychology Is Amongst the Most Important of the Sciences
Vernon M. Neppe

Examining the Evidence for Psi in the Context of Scientific Revolution
Hannah Jenkins

Looking into Higher Dimensions: Research with Joseph McMoneagle
Ronald Bryan

Avoiding the Intervention Paradox
Colin Mitchell

Social Psi and Parasociology
Eric Ouellet


In Search of Psi: Destination Unknown or Destination Nowhere?
Adam J. Rock and Lance Storm