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Dialogues in Diversity: Art from Marginal to Mainstream

Edited by John K. Grande

Categories: Art Criticism / Ecology / Environment

Language: English

Pages: 176

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ISBN: 978-88-901960-7-2

Size: 210 x 166 mm

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How art enriches our lives and helps preserve the future of the planet.

Dialogues in Diversity: Art from Marginal to Mainstream is inspired by dialogues with leading artists who range from the mainstream to those from marginalized cultures.

It is Grande’s contention that the traditional centres of the art world are now feeding on the margins with the most interesting perspectives coming from such countries as Senegal, Chile, Mexico and Norway.

Grande asks: “What is the relationship of art to the environment?” “How can art make us see and think about the world around us?” “What can art do to preserve the future of our planet and enrich our lives?