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Pensieri, Canzoni e Poesie

Shakespeare’s 100 Greatest Dramatic Images

by Claire and John Saunders

Categories: Shakespeare / Literature / Word Games

Language: English

Pages: 160

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ISBN: 978-88-95604-01-5

Size: 5.5" x 8.5" / 128 x 198 mm

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A seriously entertaining guide to Shakespeare.

This original and exciting approach to Shakespeare is based on 100 of Shakespeare’s greatest dramatic images. The quotations, at least one from each play, are introduced through short word games grouped into sections with titles such as “Love and Lust,” “Epiphanies,” and “The Bestiary.” These engaging games are fun and interactive, designed for both novices and experts. The 100 quotations that form the basis of the book have an enormous range and deal with the great subjects of poetry—love, loss, loveliness, despair, resignation, hope, hate, wit, humor and the beauty of the natural world.

The Word Games section is followed by light commentaries, short essays on each play designed for all levels of Shakespearean lore. As the tie that binds the quizzes to the commentaries, the 100 images highlight just what Shakespeare was up to in each play. They provide a unique and enjoyable approach that everyone interested in Shakespeare will enjoy!

The emphasis is on giving a context to the quotations and showing how the language works in terms of drama and poetry. Each commentary offers a window into a play. The structure of the book is versatile: it can be randomly dipped-into for pleasure, or read right through as a short yet complete introduction to Shakespeare’s plays.

The perfect book for Shakespeare lovers, theatre goers, literature buffs, teachers and students of English and drama and anyone who wants a reintroduction to Shakespeare in a fun and accessible way. Liven up your next dinner party with a Shakespeare game night!