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Pathways of Chance

by F. David Peat

Categories: Popular Science / Autobiography


Pages: 208

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A Renaissance vision of science, the arts and society.

Pathways of Chance is the delightful and often humorous telling of the life, experiences and ideas of the physicist and writer F. David Peat (author of twenty books including Synchronicity: The Bridge between Matter and Mind, Blackfoot Physics, Superstrings, The Blackwinged Night: Creativity in Nature and Mind and From Certainty to Uncertainty).

Beginning with his boyhood in an eccentric family in wartime Liverpool it takes us through the swinging sixties of the Beatles, his years in Canada, and finally settling in a medieval hill top village of Pari in Tuscany. Not only do we meet such figures as the philosopher, Bertrand Russell, the composer, Michael Tippett, and the physicist, David Bohm, but we learn of Peat’s relationship with Native Americans elders and his encounters with leading artists.

Peat has a Renaissance mind and we learn of his excursions into film, radio and theatre. He has a gift for bridging disciplines and bringing complex ideas to life in an exciting and engaging way. His lucid writing illuminates everything from the meaning of quantum reality, the way language influences the way we see the world, and creativity within the human body to David Bohm’s implicate order, the Blackfoot world view and much, much more.