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Donna Kennedy-Glans

Donna Kennedy-Glans, lawyer and businesswoman, was the first female vice president of a large Canadian-based energy company. Over the last 24 years, Donna has been responsible for managing complex ethical and operational issues for corporate investors—including gender dilemmas—at head office and on the ground in 30+ countries. Through action, she has proven her ability to work with wide-ranging community interests, with understanding, respect and an eye to building effective and inclusive coalitions.

In 2003, acting on the invitation of female leaders and host governments in the Middle East, Near East and Africa—places where Donna worked as a businesswoman—she founded Bridges Social Development, a volunteer organization that trains and mentors community leaders in healthcare, law, journalism, education and politics.

Donna has served as a director on the boards of many organizations that endorse the values of pluralism, transparency, democracy and integrity. Presently, she is the champion of an initiative to rejuvenate these values in her own community of Calgary, Alberta where she and her husband reside with their three sons.

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