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How do you get an interdisciplinary book published?

A work that straddles subject boundaries is an unattractive prospect for publishers, finds Martin Parker professor of organisation and culture at the University of Leicester.

 What happens if you have written a book that tries to blur  categories, and you want to get it published? A book, for example that entangles literature, history and management in order to suggest that the ways in which we think about these matters are far too hygienic.

Martin Parker writes, ‘In Daniel Defoe and the Bank of England: The Dark Arts of Projectors (published earlier this year by Zero Books), Valerie Hamilton and I tried to do just that. It’s a story about the beginnings of the Bank of England and the origins of the novel, as well as an account of pirates, imperialism and the sort of “suspension of disbelief” that allows us to believe that organisations are real things. But it was hellishly hard to get published.’

Read ho the co-authors sent the  proposal to around 60 publishers and the responses they got.