Numena: The Absurdity of Certainty

In Numena: The Absurdity of Certainty ex-theoretical quantum physicist turned reclusive philosopher, Dr. F. David Peat, elucidates how key innovations in science, art, and technology led to our sense of control over the world around us. In his medieval hilltop village in Tuscany [population of 190], David makes a plea for Gentle Action. Numena features […] Read more →

Bohm is Back!

A new controversial experiment, conducted by the University of Toronto, first proposed by Prof. Basil Hiley of London University, revives physicist David Bohm’s radical interpretation of quantum mechanics. The ESSW experiment proved his theory by observing the “surreal trajectories” of particles, and discovering that they follow the quantum potential predicted 40 years earlier by Bohm. […] Read more →

How do you get an interdisciplinary book published?

A work that straddles subject boundaries is an unattractive prospect for publishers, finds Martin Parker professor of organisation and culture at the University of Leicester.  What happens if you have written a book that tries to blur  categories, and you want to get it published? A book, for example that entangles literature, history and management in order […] Read more →

Bach and Hans-Eberhard Dentler

When Carl Sagan was asked which music he thought should be sent in the Voyager I space probe to regions where it might reach extraterrestrial intelligence he responded: ‘I would vote for Bach, all of Bach, streamed out into space over and over again. We would be bragging, of course, but it is surely excusable […] Read more →

Federigo Tozzi and Pari

Federigo Tozzi (1883-1920) The works of Federigo Tozzi, whose family came from Pari, are now considered classics of Italian modernism. His novels, poetry and essays caught the attention of Pirandello who subsequently supported him, and his work has been praised by such luminaries as Alberto Moravia who said that Tozzi ‘describes great tragedies with simple […] Read more →

Pari and the Arts Community

The village of Pari is slowly becoming a community of the Arts. First there was the Pari Center with its strong commitment to artists—we’ve had visiting writers, painters, photographers, musicians, composers—staying in the village working on projects or simply taking much needed time out before embarking on new work. Then Ferdinando Lucchesi, a local painter, […] Read more →

Top 10 Best Top 100 Book Lists

If you are browsing this website then we’re pretty sure that, like us, you’re a booklover. Although we don’t publish fiction we do read a lot of it, and are aware that numerous Top 100 Book Lists have been compiled to guide us through our reading. Now, at Book Riot, Greg Zimmerman has compiled his […] Read more →

Pari Publishing and ebooks

Pari Publishing has finally taken the plunge, with much resistance at the beginning, to move into the 21st Century and the digital age. I am an avid reader and love books, printed books. I love the feel and the smell and that is what I want to take to bed with me at night. Holding an electronic device and scrolling down the screen is not how I want to read my novel. But I have since learned that there are some distinct benefits to eBooks.