Pari Publishing News February 2016

Christmas Releases

“Holy Wedding” by Remo Roth now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Remo F. Roth’s Holy Wedding: The Inclusion of Synchronicity and Hermetic Principles in the Worldview of the 21st Century. Holy Wedding is the opus of a trilogy that commenced with Dr. Roth’s previous works Return of the World Soul I, an analysis of the pivotal relationship between the great minds of depth psychologist Carl Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli, and Return of the World Soul II, a model of psychophysical reality for a generative world.

In this latest work Dr. Roth leads us on a pathway towards a coniunctio of the leading edges of contemporary human consciousness, physics and psychology. He addresses the ‘Holy Wedding’ of psyche and matter as an issue of prime importance not only in the evolutionary impulse of us as a human species but also to our survival.

It was Marie-Louise von Franz, who issued the directive to Dr. Roth, “I am not allowed to go further than Jung but you must.” With the completion of the trilogy, a great work of scholarship, Dr. Roth has finally discharged his commitment both to his mentor, von Franz, and the great analytical psychologist, C.G. Jung.