Read an excerpt from Chapter 8 – Return to Synchronicity

Synchronicities involve causally unrelated events that have the same meaning, with generally one relating to our inner world and the other being an event in the exterior world. In other words, patterns or events occur together without recourse to the normal pushes and pulls of causality. They therefore transcend the everyday laws of science, for […] Read more →

Read F. David Peat’s preface

«It was the physicist Niels Bohr who famously said to Heisenberg, who was attempting to discuss the nature of ‘quantum reality,’ that ‘we are suspended in language in such a way that we cannot say what is up and what is down.’ I feel myself to be in a very similar position as I write […] Read more →

Read the beginning of the book

«In March 2011, a professor of botany at Montana State University, having just read Arthur Koestler’s (1972) book The Roots of Coincidence, approached one of us, and asked the question: “Can you tell me, from your perspective of having critically reviewed the literature, is there now incontrovertible statistical evidence for psi?” (emphasis added). When statistical […] Read more →

Kennedy-Glans identified as one of the 20 most compelling Calgarians – 2010

In January 1st, 2010 edition of the “Calgary Herald”, Donna Kennedy-Glans was named one of the 20 most compelling Calgarians to watch in 2010. They selected the top 20 people based on energy, ingenuity and their achievements.

“Kennedy-Glans is passionate, highly motivated and ‘wields hope like an axe.’ Who else would get up at 2 a.m. to write a book called Unveiling the Breath: One woman’s journey into understanding Islam and gender equality?”

Congratulations Donna – you deserve it!!!