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The medieval village of Pari, home of Pari Publishing, is located on the Tuscan hills south of Siena, in Italy.

Pari Publishing is an independent publishing house, based in a medieval Italian village. We publish books of thought-provoking ideas that challenge assumptions and serve as a springboard for discussion and action. We specialize in the following categories: Science, Religion, Society, Psychology, Linguistics and the Arts.
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Pari Publishing News February 2016

We are pleased to announce that most of our books will be available in ebook format in the near future. The next to be released will be F. David Peat’s Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World. Look out for it on Amazon from March 1, 2016. Our next two releases will be Synchronicity: The Marriage of Matter and Psyche by F. David Peat and Good Food for Everyone Forever by Colin Tudge.

BOOK REVIEW: Synchronicity: The Marriage of Matter and Psyche by F. David Peat

Following up on his previous book Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind (1987), theoretical physicist F. David Peat, the Italy-based writer and researcher has offered his readers a short (130 pages) book on the very real phenomenon of synchronicity.

And though short, Peat gives the reader a lot to consider and chew on, thankfully.

“In Search of Psi” now available from our online shop and bookstores

In Search of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis and Survival is now available here from our website and all major online bookstores. The editors, Dr. Adam J. Rock andDr. Lance Storm, have put In Search of Psi together because they noted that the vast majority of similar books on the intriguing subject of […] Read more →

Pari Publishing Summer Release: In Search of Psi

Our summer release of In Search Of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis, and Survival is most timely. The editors, Dr. Adam J. Rock and Dr. Lance Storm, have put In Search of Psi together because they noted that the vast majority of similar books on the intriguing subject of parapsychology are actually too […] Read more →

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  • Read an excerpt from Chapter 8 – Return to Synchronicity

    Synchronicities involve causally unrelated events that have the same meaning, with generally one relating to our inner world and the other being an event in the exterior world. In other words, patterns or events occur together without recourse to the normal pushes and pulls of causality. They therefore transcend the everyday laws of science, for […] Read more →

  • Read the beginning of the book

    «In March 2011, a professor of botany at Montana State University, having just read Arthur Koestler’s (1972) book The Roots of Coincidence, approached one of us, and asked the question: “Can you tell me, from your perspective of having critically reviewed the literature, is there now incontrovertible statistical evidence for psi?” (emphasis added). When statistical […] Read more →

  • Read F. David Peat’s preface

    «It was the physicist Niels Bohr who famously said to Heisenberg, who was attempting to discuss the nature of ‘quantum reality,’ that ‘we are suspended in language in such a way that we cannot say what is up and what is down.’ I feel myself to be in a very similar position as I write […] Read more →

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Numena: The Absurdity of Certainty

In Numena: The Absurdity of Certainty ex-theoretical quantum physicist turned reclusive philosopher, Dr. F. David Peat, elucidates how key innovations in science, art, and technology led to our sense of control over the world around us. In his medieval hilltop village in Tuscany [population of 190], David makes a plea for Gentle Action. Numena features […] Read more →

Bohm is Back!

A new controversial experiment, conducted by the University of Toronto, first proposed by Prof. Basil Hiley of London University, revives physicist David Bohm’s radical interpretation of quantum mechanics. The ESSW experiment proved his theory by observing the “surreal trajectories” of particles, and discovering that they follow the quantum potential predicted 40 years earlier by Bohm. […] Read more →

How do you get an interdisciplinary book published?

A work that straddles subject boundaries is an unattractive prospect for publishers, finds Martin Parker professor of organisation and culture at the University of Leicester.  What happens if you have written a book that tries to blur  categories, and you want to get it published? A book, for example that entangles literature, history and management in order […] Read more →

Bach and Hans-Eberhard Dentler

When Carl Sagan was asked which music he thought should be sent in the Voyager I space probe to regions where it might reach extraterrestrial intelligence he responded: ‘I would vote for Bach, all of Bach, streamed out into space over and over again. We would be bragging, of course, but it is surely excusable […] Read more →

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